Accountability Builder® Elements Event – October 21, 2020

Event Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Start Time:
10:00 am PDT
End Time:
11:30 am PDT
90 min
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This is an HRCI credit workshop

A live online workshop inspired by The Oz Principle

What would it look like if more people in your organization were invested, engaged, and accountable more of the time — would you see improvement in results?

While it’s human nature to blame someone or something else when things go wrong, especially during the current crisis, there is a cost to us personally and to the organization for operating in this way.

Join us to discover a proven method that helps individuals, teams, and organizations get unstuck and take greater accountability for results. It’s a process that helps people identify unproductive behaviors and resist the gravitational pull to blame others or circumstances outside their control.

The 90-minute Accountability Builder® Elements course introduces participants to The Oz Principle model of accountability, what we call The Steps To Accountability®, and describes what leaders can do to operationalize accountability in a team or across an organization. This mindset empowers individuals and teams to move forward in organizational results and in personal careers. It’s also a powerful refresher for those who have already experienced our full-day workshop. The message and tools you will learn have never been more applicable than right now!

Key learnings and experiences:

  • – Defining key learnings and experiences – clarifying your top-priority outcomes over the next 60-90 days
  • – Creating greater accountability for delivering the Key Results
  • – Introducing a new, empowering definition of accountability from The Oz Principle
  • – Learning how to operationalize accountability at every level of the organization

What you get:

  • – The Oz Principle overview
  • – Scorecard to identify areas of improvement
  • – Implementation Plan

Who is this session designed for?:

  • – Individuals looking for a proven methodology to improve problem-solving capabilities, get unstuck, and   add value to their organization and careers
  • – Leaders looking to help team members move past unproductive behaviors, problem solve more effectively, collaborate and innovate better, and execute faster
  • – Learning and Development leaders looking for a proven process to deploy quickly through the   organization – with both immediate and lasting benefits

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