Are You Getting the Results You Want? – October 29, 2020



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Leave culture out of your success equation and you’re crippling your growth, your people, and your profits.

$605 billion is lost to employee disengagement every year (44% jump from 2019).
74% of employees would quit their job to work remotely.
Companies who get culture right grow 4x faster.

For over 30 years, we’ve guided the world’s top companies in creating performance-enhancing cultures to get the results they want:

Growth: 300% increase in sales
People: 22% increase in employee engagement and customer satisfaction
Profit: 200% increase in 18 months
Efficiency: 30% reduction in administrative costs
Safety: 66% reduced SIFs (significant injury/fatality)

Now, learn how to achieve results like these through our process that:

– Achieves Clarity on your organization’s Key Results (the vital first step 84% of executives fail to do!)
– Creates Alignment around those results across your entire organization.
– Builds Accountability to deliver those results
– Sustains Performance—Get the results you want year after year.

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